Yuan Quan - Amber

Directed by the renowned avant-garde artist Meng Jinghui,
the musical "Amber" has been a major blockbuster in China's drama circle
so far this year with Liu Ye, a laureate of the Golden Horse Award, as the leading actor, and Yuan Quan, the Golden Rooster Award winner, as the leading actress.

The play has been performed in Hong Kong and Shanghai
and will come to Beijing from March 25 to April 3.
After that, it will go on to tour in the Southeast Asian city-state of
Singapore from May 26 to May 29.

So hope you guys enjoy the show and I will try to put together a review and some pictures after seeing them in Beijing on the 25th!!

Yuan Quan has been an artists in China for a while.
She is absolutely gorgeous, she sings and acts well.
She will definitely be one of the iconic figure in the future.