Boat Trip to Discovery Bay

Photographed By TheCityOfGold

A Sunny Sunday in Hong Kong on 7th Sept, 2008
I was bringing my excitement and myself to the once a month Flea Market in Discovery Bay.
The Sunshine was embarking my happiness and I shot some photos on the way to Discovery Bay.
It was 1:00pm that I have arrived.
I walked into the city centre and that was where my dream burnt.
Besides Fish Flakes and Children Books, there wasn't anything surprising except there Mobile Massage Service.
I walked away in approximately 4 and a half mins.
Although I did not have any good flea market experience, I still enjoyed my day and the new thing that I have discovered in the city!!!
Such as the New West Kowloon Culture Center, the New Bridge to Macau, etc.
Here is some of the images.


Barbara - Ma Plus Belle Histoire d'Amour


A day in Tong Chung

Photographed by ACityOfGold