Nathaniel Goldberg - Hermes - On the Silk Road

I think Nathaniel Goldberg (w/ Art and Commerce ) has been doing strong, beautiful work lately.
I used to keep an eye out for his spreads in V Magazine, always in studio, on white, and really well executed,
but his recent spreads have shown his true reach and versatility.

He has done some beautiful shot with Gucci, Bally, Flake, Number 10 Magazine, etc. In last season, he has done a photoshot for Hermes called "On the Silk Road", about the silk scarf collection for the company.

He has fully expressed his vision along with the versatility of the product. I can’t think of many photographer’s out there who are at the same time so specific and diverse… Most of all though, his work is right up my alley, a nice balance of playful, pretty, edgy, and still technically competent.

Well done, Nathaniel.