Compagnie Marie Chouinard - Ode to Joy L.I.V.E.

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In 1978, Marie Chouinard stunned the dance world with her first solo work, Crystallization. Since then she has amassed a body of strikingly original and critically acclaimed works. In 2008, she expands her repertoire again with her latest creation, Ode to Joy L.I.V.E. (provisional title) Making the Festival its first stop, after a Rome debut, Ode to Joy L.I.V.E. comes to Hong Kong as part of a world premiere tour.

Ode to Joy L.I.V.E., as the provisional title suggests, moves with wild, unbridled joy. Inspired by Beethoven's Ode to Joy in Symphony No.9, the choreography is set to an original score by Louis Dufort, Chouinard's collaborator of many years. Performed by her home troupe, Compagnie Marie Chouinard, the work shines with verve and vitality, so don't miss this exciting Asian premiere - and witness the body in motion, in joy.

Marie Chouinard

Winner of the Grand Prix du Conseil des Arts de Montréal, 2007

"A hurricane of unbridled imaginativeness." The New York Times

Marie Chouinard, dubbed 'the queen of avant-garde', is a multi-award winning choreographer, noted for her astonishing innovation and spiritual depth. Also hailed as a 'new artist of the body', her works convey a raw, honest and gritty expression of our human form.

Fascinated by the mysteries of life, ritual, and the poetry of the body, Chouinard believes dance a sacred art and the body a spiritual force to be celebrated. In seeking the underlying mysteries of existence - which she calls the "unknown, primordial wavelength" - she listens "attentively to the vital pulsation of the body", to produce works that reveal the complex, desirous, wild and cerebral nature of our being.

Date14 March, 8:00pm, 15 March, 8:00pm

DurationApprox 1 hr 15 mins with no interval

VenueLyric Theatre, HK Academy for Performing Arts

PriceAdult -$380 , $280, $180, $120, Student -$140 , $90, $60

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